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What is a Conservation District?


Conservation Districts are democracy in action.  The conservation districts are legal subdivisions of the State, organized under the South Dakota Conservation Districts law.  They are organized by a vote of the people within the district and are managed by a board of supervisors, elected by the people.


Conservation Districts are responsible for carrying out a program of natural resource conservation on farms, ranches, and urban areas within the district boundaries.  The Conservation District cannot levy taxes and does not have the right of eminent domain.  The District operates under the South Dakota Coditied Law.  The District can own property, accept gifts, sue and be sued, raise funds as profit from work performed and accept and use money provided by the State Conservatoin Commission or others in promotion of the District's conservation program. 


South Dakota law recognizes the responsibility of land owners and operators to cooperate in using the conservation measures to protect their land under the Blowing Dust and Fragile Lands Act and the Sediment Erosion Control Law.


Districts provide a means for all interested people in the community to work together for the conservation and development of natural resources.  A District supervisor represents the people of the District as a member of the official governing body.  The Board of Supervisors has the responsibility for developing and putting into action a program to conserve and develop the natural resources of the district.



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